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Digital Marketing In Japan may be a new adventure for your enterprise.
Let us take care of it for you and venture together.

Kaikoku will provide you with various solutions for content creation as well as digital marketing in Japan. Be it video, photo, or article content, social media management, digital ads, or PR. We will help you create and execute a strategy for your brand in the Japanese market. Kaikoku also provides solutions for connecting with international media firms in Japan and organizing promotions with Japanese influencers.


A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

These days it is essential for any type of company to produce marketing content, especially online. We serve as the content producer for any client looking for video, photo, audio, written or live streaming content.

We use the latest social media strategies and trends as well as utilize digital advertisements to grow your brand awareness, follower base and conversions in your target market.

Our agency focuses on all kinds of content production, marketing, and PR solutions in Japan. We also run our own media network, EC sites, and an influencer agency.

Words From The Founder TRISTAN JUNKER

Digital branding is the language of honesty & memes

We live in an era in which internet users are forging a culture of their own. Individual creators have built media empires online, gaining the trust of millions of users from all around the globe. One single shoutout can change the direction of any brand tremendously. Media strategies are always undergoing changes. A few decades ago rival brands would always be competing against each other. But now they support their competitors. Instead of trying to block negative feedback from customers brands now embrace criticism and admit their mistakes. At Kaikoku, our mission is to evaluate which strategy fits your brand the best, what kind of content to create, how to communicate with your follower base, and which media and creators to collaborate with. From gently cultivated crafts and cuisine to advanced technology and pioneering in the entertainment industry, Japan is a country with one of the richest and most diverse cultures. Let us make your entry into this wonderful market a successful one.


Make your Brand stand out on social media!

We offer professional content planning, production, distribution, advertisement and SEO services that help brands increase their organic reach and discoverability drastically — even for companies in a highly competitive industry.

Maximize your presence on social media with viral content and a great amount of organic reach. We will help you come up with a content strategy, including ideas for what kind of content to make, in what kind of format, how to distribute it and which audience to target.

We create content for you with our local team in Japan. Be it an article, photo, audio, or video content of any type!

Kaikoku helps you orientate your brand in the Japanese market and find the right language to use for your audience in Japan. 

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