Influencer Marketing

We'll use our network of influencers and talent to help you create eye-catching campaigns and maximize your reach in Japan.

With our vast pool of influencers and talent across a wide variety of industries, we can ensure that your next campaign in Japan gets the exposure it needs.

Whether it be for an advertisement campaign, a product review, or any event your brand hopes to capitalize on, we can pair you with the perfect influencer to make sure it takes off. With our huge network of talent of YouTubers to Models to Live-streamers, we'll make sure your campaign gets the visibility it deserves. Our team can even create your project from scratch, including filming, editing, and posting.

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Diverse Categories

From food, to travel, to gaming, we have influencers from every field to ensure you get the best match for your campaign.

We'll Create Your Content

We'll help you during every step of your campaign, including planning, editing, and creating it from scratch.

Large Talent Pool

We work with a wide variety of influencers to ensure that you find the perfect talent for your next campaign.

Projects and Achievements