Digital Content Marketing In Japan

Our Social Media Marketing Services aim to increase awareness of your company or brand in Japan; develop strong connections by engaging with your audience or customers and boost your website traffic as well as sales from Japan.

Company/Brand Awareness:

-We will choose the perfect social media platforms that fit the best for your business to increase awareness of your brand and services among Japanese audiences.
-Increase the number of Japanese followers on your different social media platforms.
-Customized marketing, making sure that the demographics of your audience fits your requirements and needs.

Audience Engagement:

-Language can be an obstacle for foreign companies that wish to enter the Japanese market: We can provide full Japanese language support to engage your followers and promote your social media in Japan.
-Create strong connections with your audience or customers: By providing full management of your social media in Japanese, we can answer to all their questions, comments and develop a positive and friendly image of your business with your audience.
-The better your audience engagement is, the better your sales: By having a good positive image among your customers, the more likely they will buy from you.

Increase website traffic and sales:

-By increasing your brand awareness and having a strong audience engagement, we can grow your website traffic which will influence your sales.
-We can develop social media advertising and influencer campaigns to bring a higher volume of traffic to your website.

Which Services do we offer?


Managing your account:

-Having access to your account or start a new one for the Japanese market.
-Daily maintenance of your social media.

Posting translated content on your Japanese social media.

-We will translate posts from your original social media accounts and translate them to Japanese.
-The translation does not only includes language, but also cultural adaptation to make them more appealing for the Japanese audiences.

Posting original content on your Japanese social media.

-With our cultural knowledge and group of experts, we can create new appealing content for your Japanese social media accounts, aiming to increase the number of followers and bring a stronger engagement with the audience.

Engaging with the community

-We will commit to replying to comments and messages; answer questions from your followers; follow active users in the similar industry as your brand; actively engaging with hashtags related
to your business or brand.
Increasing your followers by running ad campaigns

-We can manage your advertisement campaigns on your different social media accounts, adapting them to your budget, target audiences and specific demographics as well as any other specifications your business requires.
Running add campaigns for specific posts

-By request, we can run add campaigns on specific posts that you wish to bring attention too. We will make sure it hits the audience you are looking for and generates an enthusiastic response from your followers.
Promoting content with Japanese influencers

-With our network of Japanese talent agencies, we can find the perfect influencer that fits your company and brand to run an ad campaign with them. What better way to increase the awareness of your brand that letting Japanese people spread it from mouth to mouth, or better said, screen to screen.

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