Media Support In Japan

Media and PR Support
Foreign Media and PR companies face many challenges and obstacles when working in Japan. From the language barrier to locations scouting, from obtaining filming permits to arranging interviews, we can help you to have a successful shooting, journalistic research or any other PR or Media related task you wish to perform in Japan. You can rely on Kaikoku to give you full time support while working in Japan.

On site language support.
With our network of translators, we can give onsite support and Japanese-English translation to make it easier for you to communicate with the local staff and assist you with your shooting, reporting, event coverage, etc. For non-native English speakers, we can also assist you with other languages you might need in case you or your crew members feel more comfortable speaking on your native language. Contact us for more details.

Organizing Interviews.
We understand that integrity and objectivity are the most important aspects when performing journalistic research, therefore having a partner that has deeply knowledge about Japan is vital for anyone who wants to report about the country. For media or journalists who are working on a Japan related subject, we can help you reach out to the different experts, renowned persons or simply look for the people of your interest. We can arrange everything, from reaching out to the interviewees to looking for the perfect location for your interview. Always working with professionalism and in an ethic way.

Applying for Shooting Permits.
As any other part of the world, many times obtaining the right permits are a crucial for a successful photo or film shooting. Kaikoku can help you with all this paper work and we can locate the correct authorities or location managers to have full permission to use the space for as much time as you require.

Press releases.
From translation to publishing, Kaikoku can support you to deliver your press releases to the media of your interest or that your clients require in Japan.

Event Coverage.
Are you interested in covering a specific event in Japan? No matter if you cannot send a crew, Kaikoku is here to support you. We can assist you from applying for the Press or Media Passes to give you onsite support or even covering the event for you. We can deliver video, photo, interviews and even written articles. Contact us for more information.

Content Creation
Kaikoku can help you creating new and fresh content from Japan, either for media or PR. We can assist you with the production and delivery of content exclusive from Japan. We can do video shooting, interviews, viral content, photos or written articles. Directly from Japan to you.

Support for Influencer Marketing
Are you or your clients interested in doing influencer marketing in Japan? With our network of management agencies we can help you find the perfect Japanese influencer that will help to create awareness of your or your clients’ products or brands. We will work hard to find the influencer that suits the best according to your needs and goals.