Media Support in Japan

Need special filming permits, location scouting, makeup artists, journalistic research, or any other PR/Media project support in Japan? Kaikoku can give you full support to make sure your projects go smoothly here in Japan.

Some of the many things we can provide range from:

  1. Onsite language support
    Our multilingual team can help you communicate with local staff, clients, contractors, etc in person.  
  2. Interviews
    We can help arrange, schedule, and translate interview with persons or places of interest in Japan.
  3. Shooting permits
    We can negotiate and obtain special permits required for photo or video shooting in Japan.
  4. +More!


Need further support in areas  that aren’t listed above? Reach out to us and we can most likely provide you the help you need! Whether it be a special effects makeup artist, BDSM crew, or a handyman!