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The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Your Business Let’s be honest; social media marketing is just as real as the world around us, and probably the most influential technique for digital marketing in recent years. It’s true, you need presence when it comes to ranking on search engines such as Google but there’s simply…

Video Production Support : The smallest Sushi in the world – XXS Sushi

We helped to produce a TV-documentary about the smallest Sushi in the world. The full episode can be watched on the YouTube channel of Galileo ProSieben. 

Organizing a Shoot for Galileo TV in Japan

In September 2018 we were in charge of organizing a shooting for Galileo TV, a popular German television channel. The first days of the shoot took place in a park, Japanese Ryokan , and on the streets of Shimbashi, Shibuya, Akihabara, and Shinjuku. Kaikoku not only scouted the locations but obtained special permission for filming…

The cryptocurrency market in Japan

The Japanese cryptocurrency market When many people think of Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general, they mostly think about America, Europe or Singapore. In all the hype, many people forget about Japan. However, Japan can be considered the home of Bitcoin. Despite the lack of absolute confirmation as to whether he or she is or was…

Dragonchain ICO Japan – Event Highlights

We organized an event at which we held a live streaming session with the CEO of Dragonchain Inc, Joe Roets and invited people interested in the ICO.
About 50 people interested in the ICO joined us and had the opportunity to ask questions to the CEO. We helped with translations from Japanese to English and vice versa. Check out our video to get an impression of our event.

German TV Shooting (Galileo TV) – Japanese Cosplay

Shooting for the Lamborghini Magazine

In 2017, Kaikoku partnered with Lamborghini Magazine, an exclusive biannual publication, to shoot footage of their latest model in Tokyo. Kaikoku scouted and secured the perfect locations ranging from rooftops and driving schools as well as obtaining proper permits for the shoots. Furthermore onsite support and interpretation to ensure smooth communication with the locals. Although…