What we do…

Provide the best media solutions for connecting the World with Japan!

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Social Media Management

Kaikoku – We bring the world to Japan

We help international companies localizing in Japan and build strong, long-lasting communities for brands, companies, ICOs, personalities, and projects.

We manage your social media accounts targeted towards the market in Japan.
One of our strong points is to create engaging and viral media content.

We are going to spread the word about your project by creating PR campaigns as well as real-life events tailored for a Japanese audience!

More than 10 years of social media management experience

We have experience with managing the social media accounts of various clients such as famous car companies, major news outlets, and aspiring ICOs. We create SEO as well as viral content.

We have managed localizations in Japan of over 20 international clients

With our experience and know-how, we are able to bring your project to success in Japan.

Our staff is multilingual

As we are a team of foreigners and Japanese nationals, we are able to incorporate different cultural perspectives into our work.


Born in Germany.
Speaks 6 languages.
Started 1 company in Germany. (10 years of social media experience)
Created and runs social media sites with a total of over 500,000 followers.
Graduated from the University of Vienna in Austria (East Asian economy and society).
Living in Japan since 2014.
Studied at Hosei (Business administration) for one year until 2015.
Worked for a SEO company for 1 year in Tokyo (Social media marketing).
Lead the international marketing department for a wholesale company in Yokohama for 2 years.
Founded Kaikoku in 2017.
Worked with clients such as famous car companies, major news outlets and aspiring ICOs.


Thanks to our partners and clients!